Storage Food Container – Set of 9


Storage Box is FDA Approved, Durable, and easily stackable.

  • These durable Containers are designed to minimize your space and will fit your refrigerator or cupboards perfectly to get the kitchen organized easily.
  • Keeps edibles protected and fresh¬† Keep the food alive: with the plastic food storage container, you could have your favorite cereal with the same original taste each day

Storage Box set of 9

9 container food storage box set

Capacity 3 Container: 600ml.

Capacity 3 Container: 1000ml.

Capacity 3 Container: 1700ml

The Locking system forms an airtight seal between the container and lid to ensure that no air or water enters in, keeping your cereals super fresh and dry.

Available in two bright colors and various sizes.

FDA Approved.

BPA Free.

99% Pure Virgin Plastic

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