Rotating spice rack


  • High quality, stainless steel, rust resistant.
  • Great for saving kitchen counter space and keeping spices fresh.
  • Revolving holder to easily find ingredients with glass jars.

Spice Rack

This carousel spice rack with polished stainless steel holds twelve popular herbs. Easy to refill and reuse over time, the rack revolves ° for easy spice selection.


Stainless Steel Lids
new Design
glass jars


The rotating base allows a full movement of ° so you can choose easily what you need to give your food its best form, by seasoning it. keep safe and intact your favorite flavors, for a long time and always handy. each jar is equipped with a sieve that allows a controlled and precise seasoning, exactly as you want it. the rack is easy to clean, all of the 12 glass jars are covered by stainless steel lids, in order to keep your kitchen clean and your spices well preserved.

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